Industrial Attachment Briefing...

the log book for us to fill the day to day activities

Ms Cybercanon will be at JPA

*di mana kan ku parking besok ani ah*

Dee the b'day girl


*salam perpisahan*

see you around guys...

no more hang outs at the school's parking lot... :(

Happy 21st Birthday Dee!!!


After 3 or more years that i've been a classmate and a friend of Dee, i think i can say that i knew most of her personalities already hehehe. Now we are done with our college and moving on to our different paths for our Industrial attachment, what i'll be missing the most about her is got to be the laughters that she have, well it sure can cheer her friends up. Anyway all the best from me at whatever you're targeting and goodluck for that. Well also may Allah bless you with health and prosperity :D

Baiduri Expo 2008 & Cyber Games...

Kamal jokes too much and gets a headache LOL

Jr.(Ozzy) vs Sr.(Yus) = Sr. wins

Solid Snake costume based from Metal Gear Solid

a warm up for Mohd Hayatul. He's Hiero's brother.

Erkk...that's your warm up Yus?

Who will be the Guitar Hero?

The final for the Guitar Hero King EXPERT category!

Mohd Hayatul really going for it

nervous eyy? :)

showing a bit of style

dengan penuh khusyuk! :D

the family who came to support

Amal as one of the committee

the finals participants

Guitar Hero King goes to Ak Mohd Hayatul Matin Bin Pg Hj Abu Bakar

winners of the cyber games

the cyber games committee

Maria was there too :)

requested by Sai

the Baiduri Bank director and staffs

for more pictures click HERE

Mandarin Chicken Rice...

38th floor in Meritus Mandarin Hotel

The best view of Singapore City

you can see Hyatt Hotel from there :D

the starters

a $22 Chicken Rice...erkk

Majlis Doa Selamat...

model guess

*you can't see me*

Hisyamuddin & Hj Al-awalli

kana lecture?

discovered themselves in today's paper

most of the guys who came


ok everyone knows who's W350i is it.hehe

Photo Session

As i requested from Ms.Pg to borrow the plane for a while that i would like to take few pictures of it. hehe and gladly she let us play with it. Actually its her husband's part of collection. Arigato~

Singapore Flyer...

Ms Cybercanon & Ka Ati

part of singapore

afraid of heights huh.

you can see the shadow of the flyer

yeah right! *sigh*

*snap* at Esplanade

*snap* at the India Town

i want to live there :P

do not touch!

it was a memorable 30mins ride

its huge from down here


really MASSIVE!