Trip to Kota Kinabalu Sabah...


Sunset~ a place and time for lovers *sigh*

Jesselton Point

Hmmm...which is Manukan Island?

Duyung 2

Venti java chip & Blueberry cheese cake

Warisan square

Grilled salmon at Fish & Co.

Lamb shank at Secret Recipe

More pictures here

Canon Battery Grip BG-E3...

This is my last post before i go for my trip to Kota Kinabalu. Tomorrow i'll be meeting up my friends at SP's parking lot before 5.30am. So gotta check everythings are all packed up and gotta remember to have my breakfast at least a hot cup of tea before departure hehe. And about this post i bought a Canon Battery Grip BG-E3 for extra additional power for my 400D for the 4 days vacation. I assume that there will be a lot of picture takings and group photos will be going on there especially when we're going to one of the islands called "Manukan Island'. So wish me luck and a safe journey, hopefully i will bring back amazing pictures home :P


Coffee Zone Gadong...

Ms.Cybercanon was having her all time favourite "Cheer-Up" with whip cream

a really cozy environment to have a drink at anytime


Tagged by Jozi..

10 Years Ago, I...
1. was in Sunshine School

2. was a very active kid in school especially in football
3. was in the same school with Jozi who tagged me here…
4. was thin compared to now
5. was not a 4-eye! Damn u playstation!!! haha

5 Years Ago, I...

1. was in SMB

2. was very addicted with Counter Strike
3. was classmates with jozi there…heyh~ mcm gay ada jua…glued together haha
4. took Malay Literature (awu banar!)

5. realized that Economics is not my favourite subjects

3 Years Ago, I...

1. entered Business School (Sekolah Perdagangan)

2. lost few kilos due to aggressive bball practices
3. make new friends

4. got my very own car
5. fell in love…

A Year Ago, I...

1. got to know better on what is Economics all about
2. felt stress due to loads of assignments
3. mixed up with new friends that are used to be rivals…hehe
4. joined a car audio competition in Miri Sarawak
5. got my very own bike (scooter plg ganya tu!)

So Far This Year, I...

1. conducted a lot of business projects
2. conducted a Social Responsibility at RIPAS
3. started in photography as a hobby
4. made my own blog hehe
5. was chosen to represent Ministry of Health in conducting a questionnaire distribution for customer’s/patient’s level of satisfaction in RIPAS.

Yesterday, I....

1. was able to approach 40 patients to finish all my questionnaires by mid day
2. went out for dinner with Ms.Cybercanon at Blue Eden
3. bought a 4GB Flash Card for my 400D

4. went to Nikon Expo at Hua Ho Manggis
5. had a drink with Ms. Cybercanon at Coffee Zone Gdg around 10pm

Today, I ....

1. woke up late around 9am

2. went to pick up Arif at SP
3. Accompanied Arif to finish his papers before we give back to the M.O.H

4. am doing this crap because I was tagged by jozi *sigh*
5. will browse for my 400D accessories, looking for extra battery for tomorrow and a tripod

Tomorrow I will...
1. wake up early, I mean f*****g early like 5am!!!
2. go to SP’s parking lot and meet the rest and off my way to KK
3. take lots, lots and lots of pictures!
4. listen to my ipod along the way (jauh kaliah!)

5. call my mom, dad and Ms.cybercanon as soon as I reach KK


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Outing at RIPAS...

The survey team of RIPAS
courtesy of Hierophyte

Berlimbu di bawah pohon

Missing letters

Only a midget can notice this

Roof top and clouds

Hall way 1

Hall way 2


Additional pictures requested by B u r t

"Kalau pakai teropong nampak"

Yellow flowers, RIPAS building and the sky

Astee~ anak siapa lagi ne...


You're probably wondering why i was at Hospital RIPAS and NO! im not hospitalized. I was conducting a questionnaire distribution on behalf of Ministry of Health (M.O.H) from 22nd May to 12th June and they posted me to RIPAS in Brunei/Muara District *thank god* because the rest of my friends and also the juniors have been posted to the other three districts which is Tutong, Belait and Temburong. If i were posted to those district i would have been stressed out by now :P

The reason why the M.O.H is conducting this questionaire to the whole country (Hospitals, Clinics and Dental Clinics) is to find out the customer's/patient's satisfaction level in the services provided by this Ministry. The responses are needed for the improvement in the quality of their services.

For me i will be incharge in distributing the questionnaires at the Outpatient (OP) with my friend Arif. The other three will be handling at the Inpatient (IP) which covers all the wards in RIPAS. Well i can say i am grateful to be posted here because we are really taken good care of the supervisors from M.O.H and the staffs from RIPAS. Because we are given free foods at the canteen which is for breakfast, lunch and hi-tea, we are given a VIP room for us to rest and lastly is we can have our car parked FREE at the basement (you know how it is in RIPAS its hard to get a parking).

I was happy yesterday because i've managed to finish distributing the papers by lunch. So the whole afternoon we went along with the girls incharge in IP visiting wards floor by floor. Luckily me and Hiero brought our DSLR along and the collection of papers turns out to be an outing for the two Havoc Bloggers :P

RC Drifters...

Saint Uriel's Pink subaru

Drifting *cool*

Dinny one of the drifters

Adinin Group is out...

Adinin's subs

The only goal is from "Sala" (Ampuan's new futsal shoe)

On wednesday 21st may Adinin Group failed to qualify the NBT futsal tournament. They only manage to draw the 1st game thanks to Ampuan who scored the goal from quite a distance that night and they lost to the other following two games. Good luck next time guys need more improvement in teamwork.