Marriz will be in Rampai Pagi

picture of Marriz being an MC for Business School Raya Celebration 2007

Catch Marriz in Rampai Pagi for the Pusat Ehsan's Bazaar Amal 2008 promo at 8.05am RTB.

A month has pass...


well i can't really feel it that almost a month has already pass and tomorrow we will be entering a new month which is august the 2nd month of my industrial attachment well the next month probably i'll be posted to a different division as a rotation that had been brief at the early stage of reporting in. But what i can say is you can really FEEL! what tired is in an working environment. No more hanging out with friends every night, not even a *nemte* after work (macam d skulah bulih lagi lepak d parking lot after class *hehe*), just what i do is go straight home, took a shower and REST! hahaha and blogging of course!

Being animated by Indera...

compare this sample picture of us (the closest i can find *hehe*)

with this! does our face looked the same? hehe

you want to be animated like us? only till 10th August meet Indera
a local talented artist at Season's Restaurant level 2 Centrepoint or you can contact him at +6738658304 and you also can go to his shop at Ratna Dina Arif Gallery in Yayasan Complex Bandar Seri Begawan located above Nazmi textile.

more updates here

Something's wrong with this picture...

look at the camera :)

Certificates of Appreciation for Business School students...

Remember the outing i had in RIPAS. When i was still in Business School conducting the survey we volunteered and now finally we've been called up by the Ministry of Health(MOH) for the presentation of certificates of appreciation to the students who participated on the survey of customer's satisfaction with MOH from 22nd May 2008 - 12th June 2008. It was held at the MOH's multi purpose hall level 1 and for more updates click here.

that's for us! heee~ :)

joe from happy-candid

who was posted in tutong during the survey

adib gets it with a smile

hiero receiving his certificate

Ms.Sinda receiving the certificate of appreciation for Business School from Ministry of Health

doa selamat by MOH's ustaz

reunited! for just today hehe...

a group photo of some of the students who carried out the survey throughout Brunei



people are booking their places to see the "tanglong" and fireworks

JPD riders ready to escort

i've just been told by ms.cybercanon that this lady is David Cheok's wife :S

Here are some pictures of the *tanglong* or *float* i managed to take


cyber theme from Telbru

everyone are amazed to see them upclose...especially this kid.



spotted my old friend amir back in SMB

look at the dark circle! SUICIDE? no lah just a smartass who wants to see the "tanglong" from a better view. Mun gugur baru tau!

Happy Birthday to Marriz...

happy birthday bro! may Allah bless you with prosperity, happiness, healthiness, weathiness and ness ness yang sewaktu dengannya LOL... and with that all you shall treat me breakfast, lunch, nemte or dinner today...hehehe no excuses apa lagi tukar tia pound sterling atu wahahaha

Expressions in the meeting...


Mr.Nasi Kandar :P

discussing on few matters

Gbah PJ not paying attention haha

Pusat Ehsan - Doa Selamat for Graduation

upon arrival of HRH Princess 'Azemah Ni'matul Bolkiah binti Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah at Pusat Ehsan welcomed by Pg Datin Hjh Noraini

and also her mother Puan Hajah Mariam Bte Hj Abdul Aziz

one of the students congratulates the princess for her success

Pusat Ehsan's staff Ruby presenting one of the students congratulatory made by themselves

the elderly also get the chance to congrats the princess

the UBD students

For more pictures you can click Ranoadidas