"Weekend Breakfast"

Nur Wanita



"Si Pembeli Tong Gas"

Si Pembeli Tong Gas

"Another Warga Emas"

Another Warga Emas

"Music Relaxes Mind"

Music Relaxes Mind

"Warga Emas"

Warga Emas

"Meow Tamu Kianggeh"

Meow Kianggeh

"Invest with BIBD"


"BIBD 1 Solution in Temburong"

1 Solution in Temburong

crossing Temburong bridge

on my way back to Jabatan Daerah after having my lunch in Bangar

looking up the clouds just look so nice but the heat beats me...

"Documentary on Brunei"

Documentary on Brunei

This was taken yesterday before I went to Temburong

There's a group of videographers doing their recording on Kampong Ayer and I'm amazed to see the boat taxi's were everywhere at that time approximately 7am sending people from their houses to the land.

I'm proud to be a Bruneian~

"180 x 2 - Singapore"

360 - Singapore

from this


picture above taken from my last visit to SG

Finally I did it! thanks to zre-azri - "globe" for the pointers =D

Sorry OOF! my bad it is 180 x 2 =P



notice that i've changed my watermark =P

"Route to Seria"

Route to Seria

"Colours of Tradition"