Man Utd through the final...


United's hero Paul Scholes scored a screamer in the 15th mins of the match from outside the penalty box which beats Barca's keeper Victor Valdes. Glory Glory Man Utd~!!!!!!!!

Iron Man @ Empire Cinema...

Well sometimes you just can't believe your luck, last Sunday love79 received msgs from DST stating that she will receive free movie tickets to watch the premier of Iron Man and she is also invited to the DSTGroup Roadshow at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre (how lucky...too bad its just for a person *huhu*), then on monday accompanied her to pick up the free tickets at the DST HQ. I'm sooo gonna be at empire early just to get good seats. woohoo!!

PFA Award goes to...

Ronaldo's fellow professionals voted him the top performer in English football, ahead of Liverpool duo Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard, Arsenal pair Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor and Portsmouth goalkeeper David James. All six were shortlisted for the award but few people gave the other five a prayer of pipping the Portuguese ace.Cristiano was again nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year - which he also won in 2007 - but this time the gong went to Fabregas of Arsenal. The awards were presented at London's Grosvenor House Hotel but Ronaldo did not attend, given the Champions League semi-final second leg against Barcelona is just two days away

Le'Stadium Restaurant...

Located in Rimba
Sport Theme Menu

Fries, Fried Chicken & Buschetta

Rempit Sprint @ Tutong...

arrived @ Tutong


kapchai drag bike

encountered problem

Other participants

Blackout in BSB...

It started just as i got home from college, when i was about to update my blog and i just managed to post a photo and all of a sudden the power supply cuts off *sigh*. It was damn hot that afternoon and i can't stand the heat inside the house. So i took my bike and off to syam's house then he brings me along to visit Hj.Amni in Lumapas where we spend the afternoon having the best "sugarcane" hehe :) . Around 6.40 on my way home i used the road to Telanai and it was freakin dark, there were no lights at all and i was just depending on the taillights of the vehicle in front of me.

The picture above was in Beribi Gadong as you can see the traffic lights are not working, there were police officers everywhere to make sure the roads goes smoothly, but there were still traffic jams and this was because most people went out of their house maybe going to their relative's house who got power supply to watch AF and the football match Chelsea vs Man Utd *hehe*.

The Snake aka Mama Rina was out

Vidic was injured in the first half *sigh*

Eventhough we were defeated 2-1 at Stamford Bridge last night we won't give up to get our hands on getting the Trophy! The 1st goal is from Chelsea was a cross headed in by Ballack, followed by a goal from Wayne Rooney in the 2nd half of the game, it was a mistake done by Carvalho a back pass by him but unfortunately falls to Roo's foot *hahaha*. They were punished!. And the last minute controversial hand ball by Michael Carrick gives the blues a penalty kick.

Cybercanon's @ a Birthday Party...

The b'day girl
(Dk Amal Hanis Basyeerah)

More pictures here

Cybercanon's family function...

More pictures here

2nd semi final leg...

Barcelona 0 - 0 Manchester

A penalty kick miss from Christiano Ronaldo and Marques(back) celebrates. We shall meet again after 6 days at Old Trafford.

"Today I didn't score. No problem, now I'm going to score in Manchester. Nil-nil is a good result. Now we're playing at home, and I think we're going to win. The team feels good confidence, we play at home now and we have a great chance."- Cristiano Ronaldo

Testing SIGMA Prime Lens...

As requested by Ninah


Yg Arif

More pictures here

1st semi final leg...

Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea
(Aggregate 1-2)

Cat in a shop...

Buy 1 free cat?? :)
Last night around 11.30pm, Blue Eden[BE] was closing for the day and i was on my way to my car. Surprised to see this white furrrry cat inside a boutique shop laying down on the shoe shelves. *haha* It looks rather sad to see it trap behind the glass. *huhu* i saw some other few cats also running around inside the shop. *hehehe* go and check it out its located next to BE [used to be Ahan Thai] in Kiulap. more pictures here

Cybercanon @ Cheezbox...

Spagetti Bolognaise

Dine in and online!

Cozy layout

When i was a small boy...

This picture was given to me by my dad when i came home this afternoon, it was kept in an envelope, at first i thought it would contain cash since i'm kinda broke right now *sigh* *hehehe* but i'm surprised to see when i pulled it out it was an old picture of me when i was still a small boy *hehe* god i looked skinny and small compared to now *huhu* my dad said it was given to him by our close relative and she wants me to comment about it...i would say i looked like ultraman with my hair spiking up straight *hahahaha*. hope there will be no more other ridiculous pictures of me when i'm a small boy coming from anyone else *hehe*

Telbru Mega Carnival @ The Mall...

Marriz with his EOS450D w 75-300mm zoom lens

I'm sorry to say but i don't manage to get any nice shots during the event, my chances kinda limited without using zoom lens. But i bet my friend Marriz who was with me too at the mall got a lot of pictures of the event. *hehe* click here to see them

Ice Cream stop @ SwensensMy two lovely sisters
Hair Make Over @ Essensuals

Lunch @ Emperors's Court...

Mr.Adool aka the Supervisor

Cybercanon's Model :P


Sunset snapshots 2...


Sunset hunters...


It was on friday afternoon when me, Wali, Marriz, Fandi and followed by Syam who came late were all at Pantai Jerudong. The original plan was just to hang out and relax near the beach but it turns out to be a hunt for the sunset for the shutterbugs *hehe*

Smile for me...

Hi-tea with friends...

So after a tiring day at college Marriz and the others (Anubis, Beetune, Amin & Sai) asked me to join them for a "NEMTE" as we call it for "HI-TEA" *hehe*, at a famous place in Brunei for people to have a light meal of bread and hot drinks, the one and only JING CHEW. I had myself a nescafe tarik and a "Roti Kawin Panggang Kuning with Mentega Sejuk" (Picture above). Nyum Nyum~

Where to go for attachment...

Today we are given the industrial attachment form and we are asked to fill in the choices of attachment sites that we wanted to go. We are going for attachment probably in July 2008 and for the first time ever it will be a six months straight of attachment. *sigh* WHY!??? :P