"Reflection | Iphone 4"

My Custom Hijinx

"Masa itu Emas"

Late for my lunch, who loves waiting?

"Mr.Men | Keychain"


"At Work"

I'm early today ^_^

"After Maulud Nabi"

Just woke up.

"Running Shoes on Maulud Nabi"

The only day wearing cara melayu with sports shoes

"Walking to Taman SOAS"

Otw to Taman SOAS

"Video | White Light - Adam Groves"

"Berrywan | Hi-Tea"


"For Tiny Baby Khal"

Baby stuffs

"Saturday | Banking"

Still waiting...

"Ferrari F450 | BND480,000"

Just arrive from UK, BND480K only...

"Lacie | 8GB Flashdrive"


"Count how many cars"


"Kiulap | AM to PM"

Am to Pm

The title says it all, this is where I worked in the morning and just at the back of the white building is the IGS College where I'm studying part-time in the evening. So that means I'm spending most of the day in Kiulap =S

"6 Circles"





Fire Burning

"Crystal | Brown Sugar"

Brown Sugar

"Staple Food?"

Indo Mee

"60 minutes"

60min Powerwalk

Trying out the 60 minutes Powerwalk Programme

"Yes! Pure Chocolate"

Pure Choc

Yea, off I go to Coffee Bean at Times Square to meet up with Zai and Siti, we're going to discuss about our given OBE assignement part 2. So as usual I ordered my usual Pure Chocolate, and it tastes TOO sweet!!! I prefer ones I had in Gadong Centrepoint =@

"BIBD | Majlis Dikir Malidur Rasul 1432H"






My lunch

The best Nasi Ayam Penyet you can have in Brunei is in Kg Tanjung Nangka.

"MC | Announcing"


"Waiting for Prayers"


"Cherry On Top"


"Empty Pathway"


I've got a work assignment early tonight to take pictures of our BIBD Dikir team leading the Dikir Ashraqal for Majlis Dikir Maulidur Rasul tahun 1432 Hijrah, unfortunately it took place at Masjid SOAS while I was at Masjid Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah. So I got the chance to take this picture of the pathway on my way to the car. ^_^

"Chilling at Coffee Bean"


A very nice afternoon to have a pure chocolate from Coffee Bean and hangout a bit outside to enjoy the breeze. While doing that i'm waiting for my car being washed ^_^v *multitasking*

"Cool Pacifier"

Cool Pacifier

I saw this hanging in Mothercare shop Kiulap, and there's quite some more choices hehe ^_^v


Jan Issue - Start Collecting

"Lorong Gerai Barat"

Waiting for taxi

"This Morning | Train Ride"

Train Crossing

Train Ride

"Why It Drains SO FAST???"


"HKS Super Filter | Replacement"

Changed Filter

"Night Life"

Short Break

"DC5 Type R | Test Drive"

DC5 Type R

"Noru | Last Piece"


"Noru | Potraiture"


"Nike+ Sportsband"

New Distance Record

"Leesh | Freestyle"