Business School Gathering...

a sunny day at Muara Beach

the juniors enjoyed the morning playing football


playing kite during mid day

and i would like to say welcome back home to Ms.Nelia who just got back from UK and also thank you for planning the such great gathering for the seniors and juniors of Business School to spend the weekend together before the start of the fasting month which falls on tuesday. "Selamat Berpuasa Bagi Semua Orang-Orang Islam" from Cybercanon

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Family Function...

Smurffystars with her daughter

Photoshoot Session:
they called him the apperentice



Hitman on the leash


Hitman 2 (ada rambut sudah~)

Doa Selamat at TBC's Blogger

thanks aNez for the invitation

as requested by aNez to show him how to take a picture which focus at an object and making the background looks blur.

Lunch in Bandar

hmmm...what shall i have for lunch?

Cheezy Wedges at KFC

Masjid Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien

back to work by 1.30pm *sigh* i missed having lunch time till 2pm during in school. The time gap do really gives a lot of differences! :D


caused by heavy rains every night

Team Crossfire still LOUDER

From Daytona Beach FL : At this years spring break nationals, Steve Cook and Chris Norris both showed the competition scene that crossfire will be a force to reckoned with in 2008.

Steve Cook with his Chevy Astro van punished the competition to retain his world record in both IDBL, and DB DRAG. Steve is running 8 Crossfire XS SPL 18’S in his van, he has run every woofer out there, but says the XS SPL woofer is the best he has ever had, now that’s saying a lot coming from such a seasoned competitor as Steve. Steve is the only competitor to break the 170db mark in the Super-Street division, and on this day, he scored an incredible 173 in IDBL, and 170.3 in DB DRAGS and the score would have been even louder, but since using our XS SPL Subwoofers, the windshield cannot withstand the pressure and blows every time he turns it up, that is just amazing. Chris Norris was also on hand with his Extreme Chevy Astro van, Chris is using 12 of our VR4000D amplifiers, and has done extremely well since using them. Chris posted a score of 175.5 in DB DRAG, enough to earn him 2nd place at SBN, Chris vows to come back even stronger at his next competition and hopes to soon break the 180db mark. Team Crossfire would like to thank both Steve and Chris for their participation and accomplishments at SBN 2008, see you in the lanes again soon.

For more info of latest crossfire's products click here

here's the video recorded:

the first test

the second test

New kit inspired by greatness

Champions League Away Kit 2008/2009

Canon Unveils EOS 50D...

Ms Cybercanon called me up this morning - 'sudah you baca bulletin hari ani?' ermm not yet...apa ada? and she said - liat saja page 52...and i was freaking excited to see this (picture above) that Canon is going to release its latest masterpiece to the market by the end of next month. what a good timing to get a new and semi-pro body hehe...

So let me introduce to you all the Canon EOS 50D which was launched on the 26.08.08 in Japan. It is eqquiped with a 15.1 mega-pixel CMOS sensor.

Front View

Back View

a newly developed 18-200mm/F 3.5 - 5.6 zoom lens as its kit lens!

this is whats included in the box

Prelude Before Ramadhan

It is the 2nd day of me fasting just to get use to it before Ramadhan starts and i'm planning to continue fasting until this Thursday. Anyway Me and Ms.Cybercanon were breaking our fast at Emperor's Court in Manggis Mall.

we're having Butter Prawns


'Urang Brunei Tinggal Satu Nda Bemakan'


*click to enlarge*

What i read this morning at the front page of today's Borneo Bulletin. I can't wait to see the outcome of this planning and especially the name they will give for the mobile phone. hmmm...any suggestions? Hiero says - "The name of the local mobile phone is 'kudil'. ". Come on bro standard lah sikit! hehe

Attention to all...

Ok here's an activity for the Business School Students this weekend. Thanx to Hiero for designing this "simple" poster. Now i'll let the picture do the talking...

Cybercanon's reached...

20,000 hits
I want to say thanks to all my viewers who came by here everyday to view my blog and because of you i will keep updating my blog everyday with latest news & photographies from my daily life. :D

Doa Selamat for 106's

everyone loves this kid

my little princess Sabrina :)

they all gonna miss him(Ihsan106)

these cupcakes are on demand now. Nyum Nyum~

Ms Cybercanon, Fiza311 and Nurul

surprise for Kaka Dian

Happy Birthday!

Babu(middle) with her grand childrens

Ihsan106 & Krol2112

First of all i want to congratulate my two cousins for getting into Brunei Shell, for my closest cousin San106 congratulation on being one of the BST's (Brunei Shell Tankers), good luck on what ever your going through to achieve your dreams make sure you do your best and take care of yourself for your trip to UK next month. As for my other cousin Krol2112, congratulations on your achievements and good luck on getting your degree in UK as well when you took off this month. Well i can say i'm sad but happy for you guys and Hari Raya this year will not be the same like we used to have together in the family.

Sunday Night is Movie Night

verdict: 9/10

movie stills:

Case the hot criminal aka "the navigator"

it's action all the way, explosions everywhere & the sound effects was awesome!

you'll hate her. old hag! LOL

i love the teamwork to bring down the truck here