My Trip to Temburong

my charter speedboat

Hello viewers, I'm sorry for the lack of updates as i just got back from my holiday in KL yesterday and due to my delayed flight I've arrived in Brunei at 4am *sigh* then I have to go to work in Temburong at 8.30am via charter speedboat to cover a briefing by Brunei Shell Marketing and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam. You might want to ask where are the pictures from KL? I will post it as soon as i can :D so stay tuned!

The speed demon!

KL here i come again


Congrats to Sallehuddin & Sharina PHS

We welcome Muhd Iman Naqiuddin Bin Muhd Sallehuddin to the family!

Peace! from Sharina .


excited to see the new born baby~

some took pictures of him~ feymes ehh~

yeay i got a nephew!

KNK - Kg Ayer Boat Trip

arrived at venue around 6am

SOAS Mosque surrounded by water village


walking above water

I can see Yohan!

KNK - Proboscis Monkey







BFF GH - KNK Kg Ayer Boat Trip

22.03.09 - will upload pictures of Proboscis Monkeys soon...stay tuned!

BIBD Annual Dinner 2009 - Batik Extravaganza

it was my first wearing Baju Batik

macam Yam Seng saja~ hehe


Nasyid performance by the BIBD ladies



Hj Yusri who won the best dress that night

He was so happy to get the lucky draw Grand Prize

BIBD Card Centre Group Photo


Seria Part 2

Nodding Donkey - you only can find this there

traffic jam also happens in Seria


Incomm is not that big compared to what we have in bandar

this is where i bought my boots when i was a kid

they also got jolibee in Seria



we had our lunch at WyWy

thanks for the treat!

after lunch we went to Seria Mosque for friday prayers

Visit To OGDC Seria - RTB Carnival

arrived at OGDC Seria

lost? look for this!

you can find the RTB Carnival inside the building

the Dj's were on break

BURGERS!!! there's also food stalls by the locals

but we'd prefer Ideal for lunch hehe

don't they make your mouth watery~

Polo Jeans RL