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"BIBD Home Financing Promotion"


BIBD is pleased to inform you that there are doing a Home Financing promotion starting today 18th November to 31st December 2009. Get the best pieces of Home Financing Benefits and get your dream home from BIBD today!

The offers are:

  • Up to $8,000 Start-up Subsidy*
  • As low as 5.5% MRB (APR)*
  • Sign-up Gifts worth up to $800* (options of Appliance gifts, Furniture gifts or Interior Design gifts)
  • FREE Processing Fee*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

To acquire home financing clients through discounted rates with attractive packages.

To change the mindset of the ‘home’ as a NECESSITY, into the ' home’ as a WANT.

With the above promotion, BIBD are offering the most attractive offer in the market as the financing rate is as low as 5.5% MRB, subsidies of up to $8,000, attractive and generous gifts ranging from $300 - $800 and also FREE Processing Fees. No other banks are offering this kind of attractive promotion offers.

Why wait for the right time? The time to own a home is now. Visit your nearest BIBD branch and apply for a Home Financing or call 223 8181.

Life's security starts with BIBD.

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