Sungkai at Deli Nutreesh

Today Ms.Cybercanon invited me to come and join her breaking fast at Deli Nutreesh in Beribi with her ex-classmates/friends from STPRI. It was my first time eating there surprisingly there's a lot people there like CROWDED LOTS! hehe and when i thought the place was isolated lol i'm so wrong~. So here are some of the pictures:

sungkai actions

azim & dyjie

from left: ms.cybercanon, me, dyjie, azim, killah, killah's bf, minah & dewi.



Sungkai at KTM with Fellow SP'ians

Finally having Sungkai with friends from SP after the whole month of Ramadhan each and everyone of us were busy with our Industrial Attachment. And now in the final week of the fasting month we had the chance to break our fast together and a small reunion to update each other what have been going on after 3 months of working. But unfortunately not all of the invited friends could come that day so it's their lost otherwise they would have FREE sungkai :D

more updates @ Hiero & Marriz

most of us had this great drink "Teh C Special"

my 2nd round, sorry the 1st round i'm too hungry to take a snap LOL

Hiero so serious and Muiz so gelojoh man~

Hiero's D80 has a new friend SB-600


Hj.Amni@budak capi came late due too extra commitments

Ms.Cybercanon on the phone

Farewell to Ihsanuddin

Yesterday i went to the airport around 4pm to send off my closest cousin San@Freakazoid for his BST Training Scheme and a Diploma in UK (Blackpool)@Bloodyfool he said LOL. By 5pm the departure hall was already packed with a lot of people who's also going for government scholarships. *sigh* i'm really gonna miss you dude and there will be no partner in crime with me this raya crashing our family's house. The last thing he said to me before going was - "jangan abang awang kahwin dulu kalau aku d UK masih tunggu ku balik" haha alright dude! sure!... Well here's some pictures i took at the scene:

a group photo of those who came

some of the uncles who manage to come

never letting go her "uncu"

Downpour Session

Rizqun's Lobby


Sungkai at Rizqun / Birthday Surprise...

Ms.Cybercanon got me back! Thanks for the lovely cake syg i'm really surprised. It was a great sungkai for me and my family with all the great foods which makes it even more greater! lol anyway i'm waiting for the picture taken by Rano... yea Ranoadidas was there too breaking his fast and he took pictures when i got surprised with the cake along with the birthday song played by the group who played traditional instruments (at first i didnt realise because lain bunyi nya mcm bukan birthday song lol)...


the prawns were nice and fresh!

mazda 323 cake

look at that our call #239 hahaha

my two lovely sisters

Happy 22nd Birthday to Me

i want to thanks to all my family & friends for their non stop text greetings, to all those who wrote in the chatbox at my blog, friends in BIBD HQ today thank you, and not to forget from BFF [Brunei Forever Forum] what i remembered are Eatsnad, RealBrunei, Lisadragon, God's Gift, Bruneian, v8acc, headache298, alphashooter "mestilah bro aku kawin lapas abis skulah! but not that soon lah hehe", Blind-Shutterz, Syazlie_S50, AdamBJ, zaliariff "mestilah~ Glory Glory Man Utd", Moggies, Azeez12 & FadiStar....for those i forgot to mentioned their names this appreciation goes to u too :D....

Prelude for Hari Raya Celebration




Sungkai at Charcoal's Was Superb

it's located in batu satu next to athirah building, a restaurant which specializes in serving the best BBQ & GRILLED foods in the country so far and if i'm not mistaken the charges for the sungkai buffet was $28+ for adults :S but i can assure you that it's all worth it! just make sure you're stomach are really empty. hehe

while waiting for baduk hehe

my first round, i like the middle one the "finger lickin lamb ribs" nyum2

what we had for desserts are chocolate truffles and chocolate cake :D

i bet you're wondering if i only had one round from the buffet, but no there was also a non stop flow of 15 different types of grilled foods (lamb, lamb with mint sauce, honey chicken, squid, red snapper, prawns, beef, sausages, curry drumsticks etc) that they will serve to your table every minute. Well from what i can recall i had 4 rounds of food and i have to skip my supper by just having a glass of water :D

Outing in Tutong - Reflections


the white round thing :S

floating piece of log

abandoned boat

inactive ferry terminal

Slipknot - Psychosocial

A Mannequin's Fate

situated at Supa Save's basement parking i saw this dummy or mannequin lying on top of a wooden box at one corner, from a far distant it looked like a human being. :S who wouldn't! How often u see a dummy wearing socks?!!! this one do or did~ hahaha thank god it still wear some clothing otherwise it would be another different story lol :D

look at that...not the boobies guys! "sesungguh nya aku berpuasa"...look lower down her right arm was disengage from the body. what a destiny...