2008 Go-Kart Challenge

i parked my Mio side by side with bad ass bikes infront of BIBD HQ :P

Volkswagens from Maju Motors

just a dream car

it already started when i came

starts of was the 100cc category

committees recording lap times

this event really breaks the silence of BSB, it should be held again next time. how about F1? :S

this fella really goes for it

GOH with the other guests who came to see the race

that guy have to walk out when his go-kart breakdown

you've never seen bandar got turned out into this before :)

a chick?

there's seem to be something wrong with his kart

eye on the #92

the other part of the track was infront of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka

it's shorteyelashes aka rena's brother

go! go! go!!!

i like his helmet. rugged!