Pantai Seri Kenangan...

It's been years i haven't go there, and now there's a lot of huts sufficient for a lot of people who came for a picnic. And there's also ATV rides being provided.

haha...i really had fun playing the ATV...drifting yo! on sand that is...hehe

Syam and me the "beach drifters" LOL

Wali also tried it out and almost overturned the ATV for being too extreme. hehe

Me, Wali & Syam with our bikes that we use to reach Tutong from Bandar



a dude from Brunei Forever...guess who!

It's Mirez who pops up from no where...

my shades Oakley Oil Rig

at Ezam's house chilling with "manisan"
- courtesy of Marriz

I would like to thanks Amal and Syam for inviting me to the BBQ picnic, well actually i was supposed to go for an outing in Bandar early this morning for His Majesty's Event. hehe. Due to problems about the attire that we have to wear to be there i'd rather not to come perhaps next year :D but if i'm not busy might come to those upcoming events these few weeks. Anyway i had fun today in Tutong, the food we had at the BBQ was delicious, had a ride on the ATV, learned basic drifting on sand hehe, went to Ezam's house and had a chat with him outside his crib where it was just nice to hang around there. Well today i really had fun meeting with my friends and tomorrow back to work and misseries *sigh*