BIBD Night Outing


Last night finally i've made it to join BIBD members for an outing and the meeting point was at BIBD HQ at 7pm. Those who came were ScarySoul, ZulH, Zul Brunei Team, Hj Zainol and then joined also by Ismail, AmetuerLens and his friend. At first we concentrated in the Taman Sir Omar Ali to test out flash lights and then we went to KFC area to end the night. Looking forward for more outings before i end up my attachement this month.


Hj Zainol taking a group photo

yeah it's a Canon 1D, awu lawa gambar ah...jgn lupa tag saja arah facebook hehe

Last night ZulH was kind enough to let me try his Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8

That's insanely wide man!

now i can't wait to have mine

and also ZulH's Canon EF-S 70-200mm F/2.8

would love to take potraitures using it

i managed to capture this using my 50mm F/1.8