Form 5B SMBians Reunion

Top Row from Left: Hj Hadri, Rusydi, Herman (ME!), Anis, Nizam, Jazreen, Ajoe, Waie, Nazmi, Mizan
Middle Row from Left: Khaliq, Hj Rahman, Azreen, Wali, Faiz, Hj Adi, Azri, Fendi, Jauzi & Ramlee
Bottom Row from Left: Aziemah, Nurhani, Mariah, DEVAN!, Laura, Rosyani, Pusba & Evelyn

I'm sorry to those who i spelled their name wrongly and those who i forgot their name. It's been a while i didn't meet some of you guys, anyway this reunion is planned by Jauzi just to fill up the holidays. As stated the location below just go there and just mention my name (Herman) for the tables i've reserved. Hope to see you guys tomorrow :D

Location : Cheezbox @ The Mall Gadong
Date : 14th December 2008
Time : 2pm