Minicross Dirt-Race 2008

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Now here's something for you guys to go and witness this Sunday, a Minicross Dirt-Race! that you only get to watch on ESPN or STARSPORTS. Now its here! Drop by and watch different category of bike races the whole day and i'm sure i'll attend to snap some bike actions pictures.

  1. Minicross Offroad Novice
  2. Minicross Offroad Expert
  3. Scooter BWS
  4. Scooter Open
  5. Cubcross / Motocross / Scrambler Open

Date , Time & Place:

Day : Sunday
Date : 28hb December 2008
Place : Kawasan Tanah Lapang STKRJ Katok A Tungku
Time : 8.00am (whole day)

map or overview of the place