My Mazda 323 at

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So hmm what to do now since i've done with my attachment, yep! i've finished my attachment early yesterday and today is the last day for the rest of my collegues who are attached to other companies. So this morning i decided to visit SHH-Proshop in Gadong, well i'm interested to those items which are under promotions now and at the end i've purchased the OWS Twin Iridium Plugs which they said in their site it will gives more efficiency in fuel consumption and more performance to your engine. So i guess why not giving it a try after all my Mazda spark plugs needs to be changed :S


if you're planning to check things out at SHH-Proshop look for Mike, he's a sales person there and i bet he will answers to all your questions. Before actually changing the new spark plugs, he did some checking for me in a manual book to find the exact suitable model of Iridium Plugs for my Mazda. So there are no worries for me that the Iridium Plugs are suitable to be use for my car engine model. more details here


for more details about the OWS Iridium Plugs click here